Conference Recorder

Conference Recorder

Conference Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use voice recording...

Conference Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use voice recording program by which you can record and save sounds coming through microphone into computer files.

This program is designed for recording human voices such as conference, lecture, debate, symposium, meeting, telephone conversation, singing or crying of your children, etc.

You can save all of these sounds into high-quality sound files with MP3, WAV formats or small size sound files with ADPCM, CCITT A-Law, CCITT U-Law, DSP TrueSpeech(TM), GSM, VOX(Dialogic ADPCM), MP2 formats.

When you install the Conference Recorder, it automatically find out your microphone and set it as your recording port. But you can record sounds not only through microphone but also through other ports such as line-in, stereo mix, phone-line, or CD Audio by changing input port in Options window.

In addition to basic recorder functions such as recording and re-playing, this program supports additional features that make this program even more useful and powerful.

Audio Sensor feature automatically starts recording when there are sounds and stops when there are no sounds. When the volume reaches the sound sensitivity you set up previously or sounds louder than the limit you set, your Conference Recorder will continue running.

However, the volume will decrease to the limit you set up, and then the Recorder will stop running. This feature is very useful for an economical use of your hard disk space.

Microphone Boost enhances function of the installed microphone up to 100 times. Using this function, you can save high quality sounds at a distance.

You can also create file name automatically using time stamp without defining file name every time recording is being performed;pre-set time interval or file size by which new files to be created using Restart Recording Function;schedule recording time using Recording Schedule Function;display the program window on the top of application window.

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Conference Recorder


Conference Recorder